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Better RPS Simulation with AM

Thanks to innovative use of additive manufacturing, RapidFit+ fixtures simulate part interfaces very well. With built-in snap-release mechanisms, the part can be mounted exactly as in the real situation, and be easy to remove again.

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Better Contour and RPS Simulation with AM

RapidFit+ makes RPS and checking fixtures for plastic parts, providing excellent simulation for accurate dimensional quality control.

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Cars, cars, cars. Even from a young age I’ve always been passionate about cars. When I was a child and my mother had me in the child’s seat on her bike, I would just point to all the cars around and say the make and model. I love their look, driving them and, most of all, the way they are conceptualized and engineered.

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Welcome to RapidFit+


RapidFit+ is a smart and revolutionary service offered by Materialise to provide customized jigs, fixtures and quality control solutions by exploiting the benefits of additive manufacturing.

Rapid Fit+

About RapidFit nv

As the old saying goes, “necessity is the mother of invention” and RapidFit+ is proof of how true this is. 

When faced with the challenge of accurately measuring large, 3D printed parts, Materialise played on its strengths and came up with an ingenious solution. Thus, RapidFit+ was born.

Starting as an innovative in-house fixturing system, it did not take long before it became a business on its own, servicing several international plastic part manufacturers.

Industry News

Our industry moves faster than the automobiles it helps create. That’s why we are proud to be a highly advanced 3D printing fixturing and gauge manufacturing company. At RapidFit+, we believe in precision, efficiency, and constant innovation: and 3D Printing helps us offer unparalleled added-value to our customers.

In case you haven’t yet had a chance to visit our production room, we made a virtual tour video to show you the processes that all our clients’ parts undergo, every day.

Milling AM contour simulators

A near-net shape is produced with AM, mounted on the fixture and postmachined. The result is a light, accurate contour simulator. It's combining the best of two worlds.